2024 Greenbelt Green Man Festival Music Schedule


Main Stage
 1 pm
Blessing with Sundance Metelsky
 1:15 pm
Green Man Parade
 1:30 pm
 7 pm
Soulfied Village (inside the New Deal Café)


Main Stage
 12:15 pm
 2:45 pm
 3:30 pm
 5:00 pm
Supernational Sound System (inside the New Deal Café)

Entertainment Biographies, Saturday

Facilitated Community Drum Circle with Katy Gaughan
Connect with Community and have fun with drum circle facilitator Katy Gaughan. Drums will be provided or bring your own. All ages. No experience necessary.
DragonSong is a unique collaborative World Music and Belly Dance ensemble that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation; guitar, bass, violin, exotic percussion and vocal harmonies create a rich, vibrant musical tapestry.
Greenbelt HONK! Situation
Drawing inspiration from funk, pop and New Orleans Second Line tradition, Greenbelt's very own community street band delivers with all the passion and spirit of Mardi Gras and Carnival. Creating an irresistible spectacle of avaant-oompah and sonic self-expression, Greenbelt HONK! Situation doesn't just play for the people, they play among the people and invite them to join the fun!
The Funicular Project
Upward-facing funk and roll for your soul!
Soulfied Village
"Soulfied"; Spirit-filled, brimming of feeling. "Village"; a community, a group of people, family.....who've come together to play and sing from the heart.....Bringing Funk, Rock, Pop, R & B, Neo-Soul, Gospel and originals, Soulfied Village delivers what you know and love while introducing the audience to their "homegrown" material.

Entertainment Biographies, Sunday

Facilitated Community Drum Circle with Ken Crampton
Celebrating The Green Man, community and life through the universal language of rhythm, Ken Crampton, invites you to join the rhythm party! Drums will be provided or bring your own. All ages. No experience necessary.
Blending strong vocal harmonies with rich, diverse instrumentation, this percussive, acoustic, worldbeat ensemble celebrates the magic of nature and ancient bardic traditions with music that opens the heart and heals the soul.
Zedicus and Abyssinia Roots
Prepare to be transported to a world of mesmerizing rhythms and soul-stirring melodies with Zedicus & Abyssinia Roots, the dynamic world music, reggae and jam band taking the music scene by storm. Hailing from the Washington DC area, Zedicus has crafted a sound that defies boundaries, fusing reggae, rock, alternative, and world music into an irresistible sonic tapestry.
An all-women Afro-Brazilian band that plays Samba-Reggae rhythms and empowers women through drumming while exposing people to Brazil’s dynamic Afro­ Bahian culture.
Totally Bowie
The classic music of David Bowie expertly presented by experienced and talented musicians.
Supernational Sound System
The music of Supernational Sound System is a unique fusion of West-African and Arabic rhythms, jazz sensibilities, and contemporary sounds combined with multi-faceted spontaneous improvisation. A mesmerizing journey through cultures and genres!