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Our growing list of 2019 Festival Cuisine and Shops

Need bakery help for your special event? Mom’s Homemade Baked Goods offers a range of baking services from cupcakes, wedding and novelty cakes, and even pastries and cookies for your special events as well as vegan options, and hope to educate people that you dont need eggs, dairy, or milk to enjoy cake or sweets. We guarantee that our clients will enjoy a sweet treat just right for any occasion.

Caribbean American Food Vegan/Vegetarian Food Caribbean Drinks

Delightful, vegan treats for you and your family to enjoy.


A.B.'s & Things
handmade jewelry and poems

Handcrafted and repurposed whimsy

Beaded Jewelry, earrings and necklaces, many with animal Motifs. Beaded household items, gift bags and note cards from recycled materials Original home grown jazz CDs

Reduce, reuse and IMPROVE! Save our planet from trash and save yourself the money and discomfort of disposable products by upgrading to reusables! We have fun, handmade, easy to use alternatives to paper and plastic disposables in a wide range of prints. Get ready to make a positive change by swtiching up to cloth and ditching the disposables. See you soon! You don't have to give up convenience to reduce waste when reuse is not only easy, but pleasant! Our bags, pads and pocket squares are locally handmade with fun prints that will bring a smile to your face each time you use them.

Boynton Pottery
Pottery, High fire, and porcelain. Has Celtic designs on most items

Vegan, eco- friendly cork fabric purses and other accessories for women and their pets.

Tie Dye clothing and accessories and wildlife and nature photos (I'll have photos only if the weather is nice)

Handcrafted beaded, wire-wrapped, and hammered metal jewelry featuring genuine chakra healing gemstones in the colors of the rainbow.

CHEARS is a 501c3 organization dedicated to working for the health of all within the Chesapeake Bay watershed through volunteer-run action projects in education, arts, research, and community building.

Loom-knitted hats, scarves, cowls, and much more! Custom orders welcome!

I make a very unique type of cookbook. My cookbooks are unique because they are based on family recipes that are passed down through generations. I have two different types of books that I create. With all of my books, I do all of the content (writing), photography, and design. First are my individual recipe books. These are books based only on a single recipe. The book is designed in such a way that the person cooking the recipe is learning from the person who has been making it their entire life. Each year I try to make 6-7 of these books. The second product is your more traditional cookbook. At the end of each year, I put all of the recipes from that year into a volume. It still has some of the tips and tricks from the chefs and other information, but not all of it.

Deciduous Dave's Walking Sticks and Stuff
Deciduous Dave sell a variety of handcrafted items. The items Dave makes include walking sticks, fleece juggling balls, Juggling scarves, jump the peg games, cribbage boards, and Kubb sets. muddlers, spurtles, rolling pins, bowls, scoops, wooden mushrooms, fidgets, kururin, candle pillars, juggling orbs, juggling clubs, and juggling sticks.

Enchanted Loft
Fantasy and Nature themed Art and Accessories. Handcrafted and Painted Quilts, Boxes, Jewelry, Prints, Scarves and other fiber Arts.

Ethical Earthling Society
This is a brand new group I am forming. It is about doing everything possible and practical to eliminate exploitation and other avoidable harms. I don't have a website or photos yet, but I have information, including the most important environmental issue. My booth is informational

The symmetry of a moon shell, the color gradation of a feather, the narrative of a fossil—each gift from nature reveals an ancient magic. In my sculptures, I strive to foster wonder for the natural world, to create sculptures that create mindful pauses in our gardens. It brings me great joy that the sculptures that I create find a special place in gardens and homes all over the world. Each of my sculptures is hand cast in marble from my original sculpture and stained by me with a weather-resistant oil paint. These beautiful and lasting sculptures can be placed in an indoor or outdoor garden year-round. Sculptures include nature totems and mandalas, as well as fairy garden treasures including doors, leaf hammocks, mailboxes, shoes--even a tiny tea set!

Fairy hair is hair tinsel that is knotted to an individual strand of hair. Fair hair comes in a wide variety of colors that can be mixed and matched for a subtle highlight — highlights that sparkle ❇️.

Handmade pottery and sculpture- functional and beautiful!

I design and hand screen clothing for everyone

Greenbelt Advocates for Environmental and Social Justice
We promote transparent and open government. We educate by sharing information about the importance of the environment and how governmental decisions may impact the environment (trees, wildlife). We advocate for public involvement in decisions that impact the environment such as tree removal, pesticides, zoning changes. We advocate for the protection of green space in Greenbelt and making it a high priority in government decisions. We use petitions and letter writing campaigns to give a voice to the people of Greenbelt.

Display about humanity’s spiritual connection to nature, drawing on the wisdom of the great thinkers of many faith traditions; about societal foundations for stewardship of the environment; and a children's activity related to the love of the natural world.

GCAN’s mission is to educate residents about climate change, “systemic” solutions, how they can change their behaviors to be more sustainable, and take personal, local, systemic, or political action. From September to June monthly meetings are held at the Greenbelt Community Center on the second Wednesday of the month.

Greenbelt Neighborhood Compost
We organize community compost locations, for local participation.

Greenbelt Timebank
Greenbelt Time Bank is a growing community of over 100 Greenbelters who are exchanging services using a digital time-based currency called HOURS.

Customized beaded and Sterling silver jewelry including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and lanyards. Wood burnt items are new in the collections.

Harmony Collaborative for Holistic Health (HCHH)
HCHH is based on four harmony principles: Humanity and nature are one;  Divinity and nature are one; Humanity and divinity are one; We are one.  We are a collaborative of practitioners offering services and engaging in projects that foster holistic health, which is understood as communal, global, and environmental.  Carol provides Natural Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings and uses natural approaches to wellness. Vicki provides Trauma Assessments with a focus on neutralizing anger, fear and depression to relieve trauma through elevation of vibration and an energetic holistic approach. Above services are provided on a donation basis. Leonard offers information on Alternative Health Treatment information for chronic illness including Lyme Disease for no charge. His Naturopathic Cancer Guide is $10. Carol’s book: “Truth and Illusion: The Politics of Spirituality and How One Person’s Lie Is Another One’s Truth” ($20) offers an interfaith, integrative model, calling humanity to a more loving consciousness. 

Henna services for all occasions |Parties|Bridal|Belly| 100% natural brown henna Designs last for up to 10 days

HourGlass Creations
Handmade clothing with a whimsical touch

in-jeen-yuhs sells handmade artisan eco-friendly and sustainable products. These ingeniously designed wares are made from a variety of materials including telephone wire, mango wood, military tent canvas, bike, and truck inner tube tires and cement bags. All in-jeen-yuhs wares have re repurposed,have a history, and a story to tell.

Inspired Fashions of Asia
Creative custom designed fashions from Nepal, Thailand, Bali, India,,Clothes for men and women made from cotton and silk,,,all is Fair Trade

Johrei Fellowship
Light and Beauty: Johrei is the focusing of universal energy, or divine light, which generates well-being in our daily lives and support during difficult times. Learn about Johrei and receive a brief session. Create a small flower arrangement for beauty in your home and receive a brief introduction to a workshop on Japanese flower arranging, which will be taught at a workshop by a certified instructor this summer. [We can be at our booth for one or both days, depending on availability of a booth space.]

Keep it Wild - Celebrate the Greenbelt Forest Preserve
We advocate for and promote the Greenbelt Forest Preserve.

Handmade. Jewelry using metalsmithing techniques on silver and copper

Kimmings jewelry
Handwrought silver and copper jewelry made by metalsmithing

Maryland Sierra Club, Prince George’s county group
We are the county group of the Maryland Sierra Club. We do outings such as hikes, educational outreach for the environment such as Zero Waste.

We service two routes in Greenbelt and would like to bring more community awareness to our organization and recruit volunteers so we can expand our outreach. *Official website is under construction. I have worked Greenman for the past 4 years as a vendor, this is our first year as Meals on Wheels and do not have pictures of our booth. I can promise it will be engaging, educational, and unoffensive.

OOAK polymer clay artwork sculptures; including animals, mythical creatures, bottles, vases, boxes (with surprises inside), ornaments, picture frames, wands, genie bottles, and other whimsical items.

The beautiful and original creations of Mystic Water Soap have been popular at local festivals and farmers markets for many years. More than 80 kinds of soap made by hand in small batches: bath, facial and unscented soaps, shaving soap, and herbal shampoo bars, as well as shea butter creams, lip balm, body powders, perfume and massage oil, sugar scrubs, aluminum-free deodorant, essential oils and products for pets.

Handsculpted and painted leather masks and accessories, Polymer clay horns, Flying Rainbow Bubblewands, Flying Wingnut graphic art, and flower crowns.

Wheel thrown and hand-built functional pottery.

Nature photographs and coaster tiles

We will bring our own table and chairs. We provide information concerning our Audubon Chapter and Events.

The mission of the Prince George’s County Peace and Justice Coalition, created in 1986, is to promote cooperation within Prince George’s County in pursuing broad goals of peace and social justice. Our members form a network addressing varied progressive causes involving federal, state or county policies, coordinating educational, legislative and other projects.

SHOP MURANO creates beautifuljewelry using genuine Murano glass beads, and either sterling silver, 14 K gold, or gold filled findings. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. We also have clip ons and surgical steel dangles available for those who either do not have pieced ears, or have a metal allergy. Come visit us this year!

A carefully curated collectiòn of Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry custom made in my own original designs.

Nature inspired watercolors and drawings, greeting cards, and gifts. Ikumi's mission is to make modern science and medicine accessible and relevant to everyone. She is a trained medical illustrator creating neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery procedure illustrations for clinical research. When not illustrating brains and hips, she's out and about observing nature and sketching. Ikumi's works features local fauna and flora from direct observation, and tends to emphasize the scientific accuracy of the species with some whimsical twists.

Stained glass sun catchers and jewelry, crochet & knit accessories, watercolor paintings and prints.

Kilnformed, handcrafted glass art and home decor including centerpieces, bowls, plates, vases, and other items. Custom projects may also be requested.

Fine art photography. Landscape, astronomy, Washington, DC and area, International.

"Where In The World" offers beautiful books for children about people and cultures around the world. These spellbinding stories are available in hardcover, paperback and board book formats.